Matt Muijen and Andrew McCulloch have launched an independent consultancy service based on very extensive experience in health and social care policy, research and service development with a particular emphasis on mental health. They can help you

  • Develop or influence national, regional and local mental health policy
  • Develop and help implement service improvement programmes
  • Improve the effectiveness of your health and social care charity/NGO
  • Develop and help deliver influencing programmes that increase impact.

They have worked at the highest levels with Governments, intergovernmental organizations and NGOs in a range of countries, successfully advocating the introduction of modern mental health and other public health, social care and health care policies with measurable impact. They have been involved in policy development, supported the implementation of new services and workforce strategies, and undertaken evaluations to make policy aspirations a reality.

They also have in depth experience of the governance and management of non-profits and public sector organisations. Their consultancy is aimed at supporting Governments, commissioners, providers and non-profits to create and successfully to implement new policies and services in health and social care.

Dr Matt Muijen has a wealth of experience in the international development of mental health policy and service development. Until recently he was regional adviser/programme manager for mental health and mental disorders at the WHO Regional Office for Europe. Over more than a decade he has acquired detailed knowledge of how to support Governments to develop better mental health policy and practice. Prior to this he was Chief Executive of the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health in London, one of the world’s leading charities working to modernise mental health policy and services. Dr Muijen is qualified in psychiatry, public health and research and has received wide recognition for his services in helping develop mental health policy.

Dr Andrew McCulloch has had life-long experience of health and social care policy specialising in mental health, public health and quality improvement. Most recently he was CEO of the Picker Group of charities which are world leaders in measuring patient and staff experience in health care systems in Europe. Prior to that he was CEO of the Mental Health Foundation in the UK for 11 years and before that he worked with Dr Muijen at the Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health for 6 years as Director of Policy. He started his career as a civil servant in the Department of Health, and held posts with oversight of policy on smoking prevention and on mental health and learning disabilities. Dr McCulloch has a PhD in Psychology and has been awarded the President’s Medal by the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK) for services to mental health.

In addition to providing advice, support and delivery themselves, Matt and Andrew can draw on a network of experienced and senior colleagues with a range of relevant skills and experience to support specific project delivery.

For more details on how our consultancy works use the “consultancy” tab; and for more details of our achievements look at “cvs”.