Andrew McCulloch and Matt Muijen’s expertise and experience can support you in the following areas:

For Governments and health care systems

The development of regional, national and international policy relating to mental health

  • Understanding the evidence base and international best practice
  • Drafting policy documents
  • Consultation with key players
  • Presenting and participating at events
  • Revising documents to reflect consultation
  • Implementation planning and coordination

The development of service delivery and improvement programmes

  • Defining the objectives
  • Planning implementation
  • Creation of impact and quality measures
  • Creation of an evaluation framework
  • Advocacy


For NGOs, non-profits and others

Influencing Governments

  • Constructing realistic policy goals
  • Drafting documents to advocate change
  • Drawing together the evidence
  • Planning the public affairs programme
  • Preparing for key meetings
  • Sustaining impact

Organisational fitness

  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Governance
  • Internal policies
  • Understanding of the external environment
  • Analytic work on key issues and evidence to support the strategy

Areas of expertise

The core expertise of the consultancy lies in

  • Mental health (policy, practice, services, mental illness, public mental health)
  • NGOs (charities, non-governmental organisations, non-profits) – their role and development

Additionally, the consultancy is well equipped to deal with projects touching upon the following areas

  • Public health
  • Learning disabilities
  • Older people and young people
  • Quality improvement
  • Research
  • Social care

Matt and Andrew have worked in many countries of the world but have a particularly knowledge and expertise of in working in Europe.

How the consultancy works

The consultancy is flexible offering activities ranging from a brief focused intervention (e.g. consultation with an NGO about its influencing strategy) to major policy and practice projects. Fees may be paid in US dollars, Sterling or Euros in arrears in accordance with the contract or letter of engagement. Fees are competitive and subject to negotiation with clients based on issues such as travelling time, length of project and in the case of small NGOs, ability to pay.

In major projects the consultancy will work with partners as agreed with the commissioner. Relationships have already been established with the Picker Institute Europe, the Mental Health Foundation of Denmark and a range of respected freelance consultants. Specialist support is available for areas such as education and training and mental health law.

For a discussion please telephone Matt or Andrew or enquire by email.